Blue Schools

The Blue Community's worldwide network also includes its first schools, the Blue Schools. In June 2023, Blue Community co-founder Maude Barlow was able to present an elementary school in Ottawa, Canada, with its Blue Community certificate. It is committed to the following pinciples:

  • to teach the protection of our water
  • Recognize the human right to water and sanitation
  • to prohibit the sale of bottled water on the school premises

The Wolfgang-Ernst-Gymnasium in Büdingen, Germany, is also already a Blue School. There is still a chance to become the first Blue School in Switzerland! It does not matter if the city or municipality is already a Blue Community. The school can take this step all by itself.

Each Blue School is free to choose concrete measures to respect the three principles. Here are a few ideas:

  • All pupils receive a reusable water bottle on their first day of school.
  • Every year, the school holds a joint water day. In addition to teaching about water, this day also has room for a creative and playful approach to the topic.
  • Next to each water tap at the school, a poster is hung up with a crisp saying calling for the consumption of tap water.
  • All pupils  visit the water supply once.
  • The students get in contact with pupils from the Blue School in Ottawa Canada..

We encourage the students to get in touch with Blue Schools abroad and are happy to arrange contacts. The students in Ottawa, Canada, would be happy about an exchange. Learning from and with each other is the focus of our Blue Schools project.

For contacts to the Blue Community project Blue Schools: Lisa Krebs


Other Blue Schools projects

The term Blue Schools is used by different organizations for different projects. Not every Blue School is a Blue Community and committed to our principles.